Miracle Comfort Saddles
Secure Western Style Custom Treeless

"Committed to improving comfort for horse and rider one saddle at a time."

All Saddles are designed and built Sharon Patterson.  It is my goal to build the MOST COMFORTABLE saddle for both HORSE and RIDER.  Thank you for visiting my site.  It is just the beginning so check back regularly to see updates and additions.  Please click on the Photos, FAQs, Testimonials, and Rates and Services. 

Custom Trail Saddle with detachable fenders in the photo

 Miracle Comfort Custom Treeless Saddles are built one at a time in my shop in Portland, Oregon.  There are many customizations available.  This site is in progress so bear with me.  There is more info on the  FAQ page, Photos, Testimonials and Rates and Services


Contact:  softsaddles@yahoo.com 

Phone  503 863 6819