Miracle Comfort Saddles
Secure Western Style Custom Treeless



Thank you for your interest in having me make a saddle for you. Here are some questions I would like you to answer to help me understand what you want in a custom made saddle.

What are your height, weight, inseam (crotch to floor barefoot), thigh (fattest part) measurements?

Do you carry your weight high or low, such as big butt, small chest or small butt, big chest, even distribution, etc.?

What kind of horse/horses do you ride?

 Describe their topline(s) and back(s). If you have photos, you could include them.

What kinds of saddles have you tried?

 Tell me about saddle fitting issues you have had.

What kind of riding do you do?

Do you ride with your legs under you or in front of you?

Do you prefer English or Western rigging? If Western, do you use a cinch with a tongue?

Do you want me to provide a mohair cinch/girth?

Do you want 1 ½ inch or 2 inch stirrup leathers or none at all?

Do you want attached or removable fenders or no fenders at all.

I highly recommend caged stirrups. Do you already own a pair or do you want to buy them from me with your saddle?

Do you want a color other than black for the seat and trim? If so, list several colors in order of preference. The leather that I use for the seat is available in colors but it’s totally dependent on what my supplier can get at any given time. Except for various shades of brown which are usually available, I can’t request a certain color and expect to get it.

Do you want the saddle border stamped with the rose as seen in the pics?

Do you have a Dixie Midnight pad?


Basic Saddle starting at $2400 includes:   short skirts
  1 stirrup leather position of your choice
  English or Western rigging

   Foam padded panels on the underside of the saddle 

  Border stamping with rose pattern $150
  2" stirrup leathers made from leather that matches the saddle $160

  2.5" stirrup leathers made from leather that matches the saddle $175

  3" stirrup leathers made from leather that matches the saddle $200
  2"  matching stirrup leathers including attached fenders $260 

   2.5" matching stirrup leathers including attached fenders $275 

   3" matching stirrup leathers including attached fenders $300  

  Removable fenders $350
  Seat and trim color other than black $100  Totally black saddle $300
  String Girth or cinch 100% Mohair, natural color $100 (ask about this)
  Grab strap $75
  Caged stirrups $95
  Dixie Midnight pad $150.